Rules for recruitment

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Rules for recruitment

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:50 pm

we have some rules o keep make sure our alliance has a certain degree of skills

Soooooo what shall we do ?

what my idea is:

Membercount: 50 (to show it has a certain degree of activeness)
English reprensentative: 2 (to translate)
guild lvl: 50 (to show its not a new guild and make sure it has a certain stabilty)

and how guilds get in a Majority voteing system
so we vote on in this section for 1 week, if 9 guilds have voted then 5 needs to be yes before they can go in

i also want to ask the guilds a few qeustions before we put them up as that they want to be in
1. how much people online during peak times
2. what are the peak times
3. how much PvP'ers
4. amount of people. and if they are busy recruitment
5. why/what kind of guild is it

please react on this post if you all agree


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